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a grassroots effort to protect Gazan Palestinians

A grassroots team of international and local aid workers passionate about providing vital aid resources to people navigating / fleeing warzones around the world. 

Having successfully operated in 6 other war and conflict zones, Safebow has found Gaza, Palestine to be the most underserved and complex region yet.

We operate throughout Egypt with refugees as well as in select portions of Gaza providing food, shelter, pet, trasnportation & evacuation support.

-Cash Aid for Gazan Palestinian refugee rental, medical, child, and food assistance. 

-Prosthetic Provision. Purchasing prosthetics for airstrike survivors. 

-Evacuation support. Navigating the complex world of evacuations from paperwork to payment to transportation.

-Animal assistance for people who left their pets behind. From vets locating and tagging them to feeding and reuniting.

And much more!

We document every donor name possible in various ways. 

For cash aid, if you donated $50+ You saw Your name on a personally decorated cash aid envelope. Then the documentation of that envelope being handed out at hospitals, shelters, camps and homes. Or when inside Gaza, Palestine- you saw it handed out directly in cash aid with Your name said outloud.

For larger projects we create flags with your name or cards. Always making sure that the recipients know that someone in the world directly cares about their wellbeing.

We have closed our cash aid mission, but we do have an URGENT MISSION the desperate evacuation of 50 exceptionally vulnerable people from Rafah before Netanyahu's forced evacuation takes place which will result in the deaths of hundreds- if not thousands- of people unable to survive another relocation.

See our TAKE ACTION page to make it happen!

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