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Throughout our short grassroots mission so far, there have been multiple ways Your donations have been able to help. What makes us unique is that we document how the donations are used very thoroughly so you know exacly how Your donation may be helping,

This  can currently be found on our Instagram story highlight

Our most successful way has been our cash aid program where donators over a certain amount have their name written onto a cash envelope and decorated by the team, which is then handed directly to people in need. 

Other ways Your donations have helped are:

  • Airstrike Survivor Support: Amputee prosthetics purchasing, cash aid, underwear, phones, sim cards, toys, and more

  • Cash Aid Assistance for Refugees

  • Rental Assistance for Refugees

  • Evacuation Funding and Guidance

  • Gear into Gaza: 6 trucks of gear including lifestraws, solar power banks, and menstrual products

  • Cash Aid in Gaza: Helping to cover the cost of tents, food and more

  • Animal Location & Feeding in Gaza: Sending a vet to find abandoned pets, tag them for tracking, and deliver food

  •  Welcome Centers for incoming refugees freshly evacuated

  • Refugee Outtings: connecting survivors to each other while taking them out for one day away from the dark news cycle. We've brought people to everything from the spa to the pyramids

  • Medical Aid Devices to Refugees: 1 in 3 women over 30 we met had diabetes. So we provide blood monitoring kits. We also have provided hearing aids, reading glasses, pulse monitors, and sleeping aids

  • Childrens Education Kits: Refugee kids are prohibited from entering into Egyptian schools for the msot part. As a result they are forcibly homeschooled by their often traumatized parent. We provide easy to use educational kits when possible to learn math, writing, drawing and more. 

  • Free Store: Collaborating with a local resource group as well as using a wish list created online, weve been able to establish pop up "stores" where everything inside is free for refugees to take. From clothing to toys to homegoods and bklankets. Whatever is needed to start over in a new bare apartment. 

  • Remote Delivery Service: We believe no one should be left behind. Thats why we have team members who are willing to drive hours into the night to reach some of the most abandoned cases both in Egyot and Gaza to deliver aid. 


You may notice that many photos do not show the faces of the refugees in Egypt or survivors in Gaza, Palestine. This is to respect their dignity and to avoid exploiting them. Often in a space where people are in need it's hard for them to truly consent to having their identity shared. Safebow expereinced on it's first ever mission years ago that some people who had seemed enthusiastic about having their faces shown later expressed that they would rather be anonymous. We take people's dignity very seriously- this tragedy is one of the most vulnerable and raw things a person can through. Thats why we don't show faces. If someone insists, we will document them because they want their voice heardm and we will take the photo/video. But refrain from posting it for a period of time to have the opportunity to do a second check. We don't want people to feel that the aid we give them relies on them being visible.  However, there is one exception. Whenever we help facilitate and fund an evactuation we DO take photos of the people because of liability. The funds used are monstrous and we have to be full transparent to all donors. Every case is notified of this before, during and after the evacuation. They understand that this is a requirement because of the sensativity of the situation. However, our amazing team of local Gazan Palestinian people who run the welcome center and take the documentation imagery do their best to ensure the experience is as safe as possible.

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