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You may have noticed that this site is minimal. Why? Well we were forced to prematurely launch it due to a horrific impending event which may end the lives of thousands upon thousands of innocent people. The upcoming "evacuation" then "assault" on Rafah in Gaza, Palestine. 

We know first hand from the work our team has been doing for months, that several people will not survive another on foot relocation. The required logistics are that people walk 2-8 miles either to the middle of Gaza, Palestine or into the Sinai desert. Elders, disabled folx, newly born children, ill individuals, and critically injured individuals who can fit into the hospitals will likely not be able to make this trek. During the evacuation from North to South, hundreds died along the way and were documented by parties on all sides. This was the evacuation of people with far better resources at the time. Now... the people displaced in Rafah have been exposed to the elements for months. With limited access to adequate food, clean water, and medicines. 

Our team has a few reliable, safe and legal options to pursue to evacuate exceptionally vulnerable cases who might not otherwise survive this forced military march. We have identified and verified a list of 50 people and will attempt to evacuate them. 

The cost of evacuations is $5,000-10,000 per person. Not a price set by us but rather by a few third parties that we have to work with. For children its $2,500-5,000. Even for babies. Its horrible. But it's the only way to legally and safely get them out. 

Every evacuation will be documented. Everyone who donates will have their name on the flag of the people thy helped pay to evacuate. 

IF for any reason, the border closes before we can enact out evacuations, we will be taking the funds and using them to directly pay for the prosthetics of airstrike survivors with amputations. We have access to 4 hospitals where we have served directly throughout this crisis. The Egyptian government covers the cost of the amputations and hospital stays. But does not cover the cost of prosthetics. The average amputee has lost 2 or more limbs and can not be subjected to being returned to Gaza, Palestine without proper mobility aids. 

If any money is leftover from that point, we will use it to do mass cash aid giveaways in person. Ensuring that for every $10,000 usd we can pay the rent, food, and small needs of 30 Gazan Palestinian refugee families. (Usually families are 3-6 people each.) We will do that and document your name onto the cash aid envelopes. Everything will be documented via photo and uploaded onto this website. 

Thank You so much for Your consideration. We really appreciate any aid in protecting these vulnerable lives in an emotionally charged era. 


Thank you so much for your support. There are multiple ways to donate, either via Paypal, Venmo, Gofundme or Zelle via the links or QR codes.

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